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As the second largest multifamily manager in the United States, Lincoln Property Company brings a wealth of expertise, integrity, and innovation to the industry. With over 50 years of tenure, continual growth, and the success of our business partners and employees, Lincoln continues to be a leader in the multifamily vertical. 

February 07, 2019

Lincoln Property Company Makes Top 5 List in 2018 Ora PowerRankings

LPC is topping the charts once again! This time, earning a spot in the top 5 list for J Turner Research’s 2018 Power Rankings.

The annual list highlights properties and management companies with the best online reputation in the industry. In order to rate their performance, an aggregate compilation of a property’s ratings across review sites determines the score. This year, LPC made the Elite 1%,sitting at number 5 in their list.

A combined effort from all of our properties made this possible. Those with leading scores from our Lincoln family include The Haven atCranberry Woods, Amorance, and Niche 905.

J Turner Research is the leading online reputation management firm in the nation. Each year, they survey thousands of residents to provide constructive insights to clients. Their online reputation assessment, also known as the ORA™ score serves as the industry standard for measuring online reputation for properties.

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