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March 06, 2019

909 Flats' Innovative Music Amenities Nab a Spot on Forbes

Forbes recently wrote an article titled "Multifamily Developers Crank Up Volume On Music Amenities" featuring the growing amount of cool music-related amenities developers are adding into apartment buildings across the country. From recording studios to jam rooms to performance lounges, they all struck a similar chord: a space to express yourself through music.

909 Flats, proudly managed by Lincoln in Music City, was one of the six apartment buildings mentioned. Based in Nashville, music can play a large role in the lives of residents at 909 Flats. For residents looking to get away and have some creative space, on the fifth floor are a music studio and practice lounge, exclusively for the use of residents to reserve. This is a definite perk for any musicians (known, aspiring, or just jamming out), to enjoy making music without being a noisy neighbor.

Check out the full article on Forbes here.

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