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November 21, 2013

Congratulations to our hardworking San Antonio Housing Authority communities for their 2013 honors and awards.

Your dedication and loyalty to your community and your neighborhood is commendable!

San Antonio Apartment Association (SAAA) Awarded Legacy at Science Park as "2013 Property of the Year" under the category of Senior Housing Built between 2000-2013

San Antonio Apartment Association (SAAA) Awarded "Refugio Place Apartments" as "2013 Property of the Year" under the category Affordable Housing built between 1991-2010

City of San Antonio (Development Services Department) Awarded "HemisView Village" with "Gold Star Award" because the property Achieving Outstanding Results on the Multi-Tenant Inspection Pilot Program.

San Antonio Apartment Association (SAAA) Awarded "HemisView Village" as "2012 Property of the Year" under the category of Affordable Housing built between 1999 - 2010.

In order to be awarded under this categories SAAA evaluated each property, financially, occupancy, property conditions and costumer services, then they nominated three best properties and finally they select one as winner.

Also during this time TDHCA conducted a Tax Credit Audit at Refugio Place, Legacy on O'Connor and Legacy at Science Park and our closed letter shows Zero score (no findings) for the HTC programs.

Finally the last UPCS inspection to HemisView Village and conducted by USIG by 11/06/13 reflects a physical inspection score of 97.72%.

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