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June 01, 2012

Work began this week on the 2.5-acre future site of West Square, a 255-unit apartment mid-rise project located in the South Boston area.

Taking residence in the previous Bonney's Express trucking business site, West Square is anticipated to improve the transition between residential South Boston and the growing Seaport District.

"It's one of the first major projects that's really been developed down there to mend the South Boston neighborhood and Seaport area together," said John Noone, a Hub-based regional vice president for Lincoln Property Company.

West Square is part of a massive wave of housing projects totaling more than 1,400 units in the pipeline along First Street.

"We're excited about it," Noone said. "Given the continued success of the (nearby) Innovation District and all the job creation, there's a high demand for housing."

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