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August 07, 2016

LeaseHawk Named LPC August Marketing Partner of the Month

Congratulations to LeaseHawk, recently named Lincoln Property Company's Marketing Partner of the Month for August!

LeaseHawk gives apartment professionals the tools they need to measure, refine and improve the leasing experience. With a variety of services, a powerful platform, and bundled pricing, LeaseHawk positions themselves as a one-stop-shop communication partner. Read on to dive a little deeper into the LeaseHawk suite of solutions.

With ACE™, LeaseHawk's automated conversational assistant, apartment management offices can increase response time to prospect calls. ACE answers guest calls 24/7 consistently and intelligently and even in Spanish. With 49% of all calls going unanswered, ACE offers a modern approach to the traditional call center for today's apartment hunters.

Elevate the engagement with guests and prospects searching for an apartment home using the LeaseHawk CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The platform consolidates all communications into one easy to use interface so the leasing professional can view an entire sales pipeline on one screen to instantly know where they stand in the leasing process.

Improve employee performance without spending countless hours monitoring and evaluating skill gaps with LeaseHawk's TPA (Telephone Performance Analysis). Identify trends, top sales performers and areas needing improvement. Automatically personalize training that focuses on strengthening key behavior areas to quickly elevate employee performance.

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