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January 17, 2017

Congratulations Jason Kae, Director of Organizational Development for ​Southwest ​Learning and Talent Development

We are ​pleased to announce that Jason Kae has accepted the newly created position of Director of Organizational Development for the ​Southwest ​Learning and Talent Development team, headed by​ ​our V​ice ​P​resident of L​earning and Talent Development, Jamie Dalferes​.

Jason ​brings over ​10 years of experience in the multifamily industry and ​7​+​ years with Lincoln Property Company. His diverse multifamily experience includes Lease Up, Rehab, Multi-Site management on product types to include Garden, Mid-Rise and High-rise assets as well as mixed use and commercial properties. Jason has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is currently completing his Certificate in Executive Coaching at SMU​.

This combination of wide-ranging real estate experience along with a proven track record of team building and on-site culture development​, ma​de him ​an ideal candidate for this new position​. Jason will ​be responsible for​ the ​implementation, management and support of new programs designed to promote professional development and learning in the Southwest Region. In addition, he will play an integral role in the design of new initiatives that will be relevant to the LPC associate experience and be a key resource for the Southwest leadership team.

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