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Apartments in Dallas-Fort Worth

Famous for its legendary football team, its oil barons' lavish lifestyles and its deep roots in the Old West, Dallas is now the ninth largest city in America. Dallas is only one piece of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region, also called the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Together, the cities and suburbs that make up the Metroplex house over 6 million people. Even with so many residents, the expansive Texas landscape never feels crowded. Apartments in Dallas are equally spacious, and while apartments in Fort Worth tend to cost less, they're just as roomy.

Apartments in DFW

Thanks to the huge geographical area the city and its suburbs occupy, there are many housing options. The downtown area has a number of converted warehouses that are now apartments, but suburban neighborhoods such as Highland Park also have good availability. Finding a place to live in Fort Worth may be slightly easier as the city is a bit smaller than its more famous neighbor, Dallas. Apartments here also trend towards lower prices.

Together, Dallas and Fort Worth are densely populated with business headquarters. The thriving business community makes securing an apartment in Dallas a high priority for executives. Long-term leases of furnished apartments are a common option for apartments for in Dallas. Many employees prefer to move into an apartment in Fort Worth and take the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system, or DART, to the office. DART covers 13 cities and towns throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region, so it's convenient to live in Fort Worth, Plano or Arlington and work in the heart of Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys make their home in a new billion-dollar Arlington stadium. Their games draw football fans from around the country. The Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers also keep North Texas crowds entertained. Apartments in Dallas and Fort Worth are at a premium when major sporting events like the Super Bowl are in town. The region also has a bustling cultural community featuring an extensive network of museums and a lively music scene with an emphasis on country and rock.

Finding a place to live near one of the city's many colleges and universities is easier during the summer than when a new semester has begun. When students are planning a move to the region, they should look for a place to live before the rush. Apartments in Fort Worth near TCU and the University of Texas' Fort Worth campus are always at a premium, but the turnover is fairly rapid.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is one of the most exciting metropolitan regions in the south. With six million residents and growing, this vibrant community deserves its reputation as one of the nation's premier cities.