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    Alabama Apartments

    Find Refuge Nestled Between Beaches & Rolling Hills From its sugar-sand beaches to its gentle hills, Alabama is a beautiful place to live. High-profile colleges and many new jobs are drawing more and more residents to this green southern gem. New arrivals looking for an apartment for rent in Alabama will also get a taste of the state's southern hospitality. New residents and natives quickly find that their apartments in Alabama feel like home with welcoming neighbors.

    Mobile, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

    Alabama's disposition changes from the southern part of the state to its northern edge. Mobile, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach have a breezy, relaxed feel that connects these beach communities with other Gulf Coast cities from New Orleans to Pensacola, Florida. Mobile Bay's active port and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico's magnificent beaches make it equally exciting for work and play. When looking for places to live, the southern coast is an excellent place to start. Gracious southern hospitality meets casual beach style living along Alabama's coast.


    Central Alabama is the state's economic engine. Located at the southernmost tip of the Appalachian mountain chain, the city is rich in the same natural resources that made Pittsburgh into an iron and steel capital. As with its northern cousin, steel forms the backbone of Birmingham. The greater Birmingham metropolitan area spans seven counties and is considered home to over a million people, many of whom work in the region's vibrant steel industry. Its history as a steel town also helped Birmingham become a rail hub, another industry that provides jobs to the region's, million-plus residents. Despite its industrial background, Birmingham remains a beautifully green city, and apartments there lined up on acres of beautiful golf courses and parks. 


    Central Alabama is built on steel, while Northern Alabama's economy is built on space. Huntsville is home to the Marshall Space Flight Center. Military and aerospace industries meet in the Huntsville region, but residents love their part of the country for more than just a good job. The abundant natural beauty is a draw for fishers, hikers, and even spelunkers. When on a slim budget, students attending the University of Alabama can often find an affordable apartment for rent in Alabama and take full advantage of the state's gorgeous green hills and peaceful lakes.

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