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Welcome to your second Lincoln Look Book, a creative collection of six Lincoln-managed communities showcased from across the nation. You'll find each community reflects the unique city flavor and distinctive culture.

As part of our mission, we strive to provide residents with a home of comfort convenience. Discover the unique look and feel of each community and let it inspire you with design ideas and ways to adapt your living space to your city's one-of-a-kind ethos.

Optima Signature


Discover Optima Signature, a beautiful residential community in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago. At 57 stories tall, this LEED Silver® Certified building stands out against the historic Chi-Town skyline. Inside, you'll find premier amenities, including indoor/outdoor heated swimming pools, cabanas, and bars. Experience a cutting-edge fitness center, virtual workout studio and steam rooms. Optima is not simply a residence, but a work of art for those discerning seekers of modern-day luxe.

Your Modern-Day Masterpiece